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We offer you a wide array of tree care and management services, including:

  • Tree removal and replacement
  • Stump removal
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Root collar examination and soil aeration and decompaction
  • Cabling, bracing and lightning protection
  • Consulting and hazard tree assessment
  • Organic plant health care
  • Fertilization and soil health programs
  • Organic lawn care
  • Insect and disease control

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From Paul's Desk

About Us

Certified Arborist and Tree Expert & Accredited Organic Land Care Provider

Recently, we've been asked, "how do I know I am hiring the right arborist or tree service to perform work at my home?'

Hiring an arborist deserves thorough consideration.  Professionals properly maintaining trees can add considerable value to your property.  Unqualified persons can drastically shorten the lifespan of trees, cause them to be a liability and decrease the value of your property.

Good tree work is not cheap.  Professionals must carry several kinds of insurance, have expensive specialized equipment, and pay for the cost of training.  Beware of low ball pricing.  There may be hidden costs or the person may not be fully insured or have trained personnel. 

Here is a list of questions and tips I feel will help you in the hiring process of sorting through the myriad of unprofessional tree services and finding qualified professionals who can help protect your largest investment, your trees.

1.  Does your company have an ISA Certified Arborist or in NJ a licensed tree expert, licensed by the Department of Environmental Protection on staff?

2.  Ask for and check references.  Ask for a list that you can choose a few at random.  Take a look at some of the work and talk with former clients.

3.  Ask for certificates of insurance including liability- for personal and property damage and workers compensation- for protection of workers.  Both certificates should be sent to you directly from the insurance agency.  Insurance is expensive, you would be surprised how many bogus certificates are handed to customers. You can contact the insurance company to make sure the policy is current.  Seeing the words "fully insured" on a website or proposal means nothing without the proper certificates.  You can be held financially responsible if an uninsured worker is hurt on your property or if the workers damage your neighbors' property.

4.  Do they use spikes to climb trees if pruning? Spikes should only be used for tree removals or certain emergency situations.  They cause unnecessary wounding of the tree.  Using tree spikes for trimming is a sign of an unprofessional company.

5.  Are they aware of ANSIZ 133 safety standards for tree care, and will they be wearing the proper personal protective equipment?

6.  Ask them if they will be complaint with A300 pruning standards and if they can explain to you what natural target pruning is.  If they do not know what you are talking about, look elsewhere. 

7.  Ask them what seminar or class they recently attended and when it was held. 

8.  How is the work to be done?

9.  What equipment will be used?

10.  What is the time frame involved for the work to be completed?

11.  Will there be any damage done to the property by equipment, vehicles or from falling trees and branches?

12.  How is payment made for the job?

13.  Will they give you a written estimate and contract for the work?

14.  How long have their workers been employed by their company and do they have any specific training?

15.  Do you require payment in advance? Don’t do it.  Do not pay anything until the job is complete and you are completely satisfied.

16.  Is the contact number for your company connected to a physical address? By calling 411, if no address is found, there will most likely be no way to find the company if something goes wrong.