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We offer you a wide array of tree care and management services, including:

  • Tree removal and replacement
  • Stump removal
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Root collar examination and soil aeration and decompaction
  • Cabling, bracing and lightning protection
  • Consulting and hazard tree assessment
  • Organic plant health care
  • Fertilization and soil health programs
  • Organic lawn care
  • Insect and disease control

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Our History

This is our 24th year in business. We are a full service tree company performing services from initial planning and planting to after care such as proper pruning, insect and disease control, lightning and support systems, hazard tree assessment, mitigation and when necessary tree removals. However, we specialize in organic tree, lawn and shrub care helping our clients reduce or eliminate synthetic pesticides and chemicals from their properties.

Our commitment is to provide the highest level of quality care and service utilizing the latest technology and techniques to maximize the safety, health and appearance of our clients tree and landscape investment

Our Philosophy:

  • Trees provide tremendous aesthetic and economic benefits.
  • Trees increase in value from the time they are planted until they mature.
  • Proper maintenance of trees and landscapes is required to maximize their benefits and maximizing the return or investment.
  • Maintenance should be proactive and preventative rather then reacting to potential issues that may result.
  • Education and training should be continuous and on going to keep abreast of the latest research, technology and techniques.