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We offer you a wide array of tree care and management services, including:

  • Tree removal and replacement
  • Stump removal
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Root collar examination and soil aeration and decompaction
  • Cabling, bracing and lightning protection
  • Consulting and hazard tree assessment
  • Organic plant health care
  • Fertilization and soil health programs
  • Organic lawn care
  • Insect and disease control

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Organic Tree, Lawn and Shrub Health Care for East Brunswick and Central New Jersey

About Us

Question: Do you have children, grandchildren, pets, or are you concerned about the environment?

Question: Are you concerned with the chemicals being applied to your lawn and property?

Question: Would you like to greatly reduce or completely eliminate synthetic chemicals used on your lawn and property?

Answer: Conventional chemical lawn, tree and landscape care companies rely heavily on large amounts of synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. These chemicals can leach into our water, our homes and environment, our bodies, and our children's bodies. Children and pets are more vulnerable to chemical exposure because of their small size, developing organs and their behavior-such as playing on lawns and putting objects into their mouths.

We started offering our organic based lawn tree and shrub program over 15 years ago. We wanted to offer an alternative because of these health and environmental issues. Our goal was to find ways to reduce these chemicals while still maintaining our customers expectations of an aesthetically pleasing trees lawns and landscapes. In 2005 we became one of the first individuals accredited, in New Jersey, By the Northeastern Organic Farming Association (NOFA) and began offering all natural, 100% organic programs. Our mission is to reduce or completely eliminate synthetic pesticides and chemicals while increasing health and appearance of our customers property.

Every property is unique and different. We start with an initial site analysis to help identify potential limiting factors which could compromise the health of the trees and landscapes. A customized program is then developed. Each program is designed to improve the growing conditions, maximizing their health while meeting the needs and budget of our clients.

Fertilization and Soil Health Programs

Question: Do you have compacted soil?

Question: Do you have poor unhealthy soils?

Question: Did you know most tree problems are attributed to poor growing conditions in the soil?

Answer: Healthy plants starts with healthy soils. However, there is more to soil health then just adding fertilizer. Because of the lack of nutrient recycling, (leaves, tree branches trunks and other tree and plant parts) which occurs in a natural forest system, most urban soils have become nutrient deficient, compacted and biologically, inactive. Our unique and comprehensive approach aims to improve soil and plant health. We start with a detailed soil analysis to determine the growing conditions of the plant and overall health of the soil. We then develop a customized program which addresses these structural and biological aspects, as well as our clients goals and budget.

1. Physical aspect-which is concerned with improving structure and relieving compaction therefore increasing oxygen, water, and root penetration in the soil.

2. Biological aspect-the soil food web is the community of living organisms living in the soil. An often over-looked feature of soil health, but is the most important and is essential for a number of necessary processes in the soil. A healthy soil food web can improve disease suppression, break down toxic substances, helps plants obtain nutrients from the soil and builds soil structure.