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We offer you a wide array of tree care and management services, including:

  • Tree removal and replacement
  • Stump removal
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Root collar examination and soil aeration and decompaction
  • Cabling, bracing and lightning protection
  • Consulting and hazard tree assessment
  • Organic plant health care
  • Fertilization and soil health programs
  • Organic lawn care
  • Insect and disease control

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Root Collar Excavation Soil Aeration and Soil Decompaction

About Us

Question: Does your tree have a visible root flare?

Question: Is your tree declining as a result of compacted soil?

Question: Is their soil or mulch built up around the base of your tree trunk, which may be killing it?

Answer: Most tree problems are due to incorrect growing conditions in the soil. These conditions are the result of incorrect planting and mulching, fill built up around the trunk, fill built up over the root system and the general poor quality and structure of urban soil. Deeply planted and buried trees and/or trees planted in compacted soils are more inclined to have girdling roots, pest problems, poor growth, decline and death.

Root collar excavation is the process of using a high pressure air tool to safely remove soil and mulch from the base of the tree trunk. It is an efficient and safe procedure which can improve the conditions caused by over mulching, deep planting, and soil grade changes. The airspade can also be used to reduce soil compaction in the root zone safely which may help improve the health and vigor of those trees.

Cabling, Bracing and Lightning Protection

Question: Does your tree have a structural defect or condition that has a high risk of failure, which may result in injury or property damage?

Answer: The two most common structural defects with a high risk of failure are codominant V-shaped crotches and long heavy or overextended branches. V-shaped crotches with embedded bark are even weaker. Overextended branches are unusually long for the species, have most of the foliage concentrated on the end of the branch and are horizontal or growing downward. A supplemental support system can often reduce these risks. Cable and braces are intended to limit the movement of the supported branch so they are less likely to fail during a storm. However, all potential hazards can not be safely mitigated and should be examined by a Certified Tree Expert.


Question: Are your trees at a high risk of being struck by lightning?

Answer: Each year over one million trees are struck by lightning in the United States. However, most people do not realize adjacent buildings are also at risk due to side flashes. We offer lightning protection that can minimize the risk of damage by protecting trees and adjacent structures from strike and side flashes.

Consulting and Hazard Tree Assessment

We can help define limiting factors to the long term health of your trees and landscape and help you determine the best course of action to help rectify them.

  • We can identify potential hazardous problems and recommend courses of preventative action.
  • We can assess the overall health of your trees and landscapes.
  • We can help survey your property for potential insect and disease problems.

Or maybe you just moved into your new home and need help learning about the trees and shrubs on your new property and their proper care.

We are the most comprehensive resource. Our New Jersey State Certified Tree Expert can help design a program for healthy and safe trees and shrubs that will beautify your property for many years.